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Worcester Boiler Fault Code C7 Airflow Blocked and Fan Fault

Looking for information or help with your C7 fault code, In this blog content we will cover what a Worcester Fault code C7 is and means. We recently attended a call in Whiston L35 Liverpool

The boiler model was a Greenstar 30si with a digital display showing C7 fault code

This leads to a problem with the Fan and or the speed of the boiler’s fan as well as the air intake flow pipe can be obstructed or blocked.

The fan is either not running or the speed of the fan working is incorrect.

This will result in No Hot Water and No Central Heating as the fan is part of a very important sequence that is needed before you will get the main burner ignition lighted.

What you need to check with the C7 fan Fault code.

Is the fan running on demand for hot water or central heating as it should and would do normally?

Is the Air supply to the fan blocked with outside debris or another outside influence causing the gas and air mixture to be incorrect?

If the gas and air mixture is not correct this will result in dangerous carbon monoxide levels being produced after ignition.

This is the safety reason for the boiler not firing to ignition on your need for central heating and hot water.

Leaving you with no hot water and no Central Heating.

Response Gas Boiler Repair Engineers C7 Fan fault code.

The following Gas and air checks will be carried out as we did when we attended the recent call for C7 boiler fault code on a Worcester 30si model boiler breakdown. 

We will carry out your Boiler C7 Fan fault code and Airflow boiler error code checks for Flu integrity and safety checks.

Gas seals and testing of the gas supply to the fan also looked at the air intake and gas and air mixture supply pipework to the fan and main heat exchanger of the Worcester 30si C7 fan fault error code.

Using a Flu analyzer 

Using a flu analyzer is the only way to see if your gas and air intake is burning correctly and the air intake is good. We can also see if the Flu of the C7 fan fault code and air intake is sealed and not leaking inside the flu with a breach of the boiler flue gasses, causing a bad air intake mixture with the gas supply to the main heat exchanger.

C7 Boiler Fault Code Response Boiler Engineer Checks.

As a qualified boiler repair gas qualified heating engineer we will carry out the correct checks to your C7 error code by looking at the electric PCB board we will look at the wiring within the boiler. Also, is the fan stuck or blocked and or damaged causing the fan’s fins not to rotate and spin to the correct fan speed, causing your C7 boiler error code on this customer’s Worcester Greenstar 30si combi boiler?

C7 Fault Finding and New Parts Ordered

We were able to find the issue with the C7 Worcester Greenstar 30si combi boiler and we ordered the parts needed to get it working in good time. In less than two days we returned with the new fan and the C7 Worcester Greenstar 30si fault code was reset by our boiler engineer.

Boiler Working and C7 Fault Code Removed

The Worcester Greenstar 30si C7 Fault Code is now removed and the Hot Water and Central Heating are working for this customer.

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