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Troubleshooting Baxi Boiler Fault Codes E133 and E119

Is your Baxi boiler displaying the E133 or E119 fault codes? In this blog, we’ll delve into the meaning of these codes, explore potential causes, and discuss the necessary steps to rectify the issues. Remember, for safety reasons, always consult our gas boiler repair engineer to address these faults with the expertise and proper tools.

BAXI Boiler Fault E133 Code – What is it and How to Repair the Fault?

What is the E133 Fault?

The BAXI E133 fault code encompasses a variety of potential issues related to the gas supply and the ignition process in your Baxi boiler.

How to Fix the E133 Fault

When the E133 fault appears, it signals a failure to ignite. This could be due to a defective gas valve, insufficient voltage, or blockages in gas or condensate pipework. To ensure a hassle-free resolution, contact our expert boiler engineer at Response Boilers Liverpool. We’ll conduct a thorough safety check, examining your gas valve, gas pressure, and condensate pipework.

Possible Causes of E133 Fault:

  • The boiler won’t ignite: No gas or insufficient gas
  • Ignition fault: Check gas valve and condensate pipe

Addressing the lack of gas supply is crucial, as it affects both hot water availability and heating during the winter months.

If you spot the E133 or E28 fault codes, promptly contact our boiler engineer for a swift and safe repair.

Baxi Boiler Fault Codes E133 And E119

BAXI E119 – Understanding and Resolving Low-Pressure Issues

Why is the Pressure Dropping in my Baxi Boiler?

The E119 fault code may indicate low boiler pressure, which can occur after bleeding radiators or due to a leak in the heating system.

How to Increase Pressure on Your Baxi Boiler?

Follow these steps to re-pressurize your Baxi boiler:

  • Turn off the boiler and allow it to cool.
  • Identify the filling loop and ensure it’s securely fastened.
  • Open the valves, allowing water to flow into the heating system.
  • Monitor the pressure gauge, aiming for an ideal pressure of 1.
  • Close the valves, remove the filling loop, and check for any leaks.

Using the Baxi Easy Filling Link:

For this purpose-built filling loop, push the green lever down, letting water flow into the system. Release the lever when the pressure gauge reaches its optimal level.

Is the Baxi Boiler Broken?

The E119 fault doesn’t necessarily mean a new boiler is required. If pressure adjustments don’t resolve the issue, consult Response Boilers Liverpool Gas Boiler Engineer for a professional inspection.

Remember, gas appliance repairs should always be handled by qualified engineers to ensure safety and compliance with UK regulations.


Understanding and addressing Baxi boiler fault codes E133 and E119 is crucial for maintaining a warm and functional home. For a reliable and safe resolution, trust our expert gas boiler repair engineer at Response Boilers Liverpool to diagnose and fix any issues with precision and care.

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