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How to Fix Worcester EA 227 Fault Code Boiler Repair

Today we will share how to fix Worcester EA 227 Fault Code, Recently we were called to Mill Lane West Derby. EA227 Boiler Repair was carried out by our Worcester Bosch Boiler Repair Engineer you can ask directly on the website number 07856297070.

Response Boiler Repair:

Your home’s Hot Water & Central Heating needs to be reliable and usually, Worcester Bosch boilers are dependableHow to Fix Worcester EA 227 Fault Code here we will go over the boiler fault code ea227 you may have displayed with your home’s boiler today and what it means to you.

We will be able to guide you in this blog and after you will be able to understand the issues your boiler display means and how to remove ea227 from the display.

Your Worcester Bosch boiler fault ea227 referring to the flame has been lost and extinguished during operation for either central heating or hot water. The boiler’s PCB printed circuit board detects a fault issue with your boiler and shuts down the boiler for safety reasons.

How to Fix Worcester EA 227 Fault Code

Three main reasons it will occur are either:

  1. Faulty Ignition Electrode 
  2. Unsafe or Faulty Gas Valve
  3. Gas Pipework and Supply

These three are the most likely reasons to see the boiler not working and you will have ea227 displayed in the LCD.

Here are the few simple steps you can do if your Worcester Bosch boiler is displaying an EA227 fault code by all means, we are available to assist and you can have peace of mind one of our experienced gas qualified and highly experienced boiler heating engineers will attend with a van full of tools to carry out the tasks needed to fault finding the correct issue giving you a full description and options when and how to repair your boiler.

Firstly please check your gas supply in the kitchen by burning one gas burner at the gas cooker. Be sure the gas supply to your boiler is not interrupted, and that other gas appliances are working correctly. If they are not working as they should be it can indicate a gas supply problem and one of our qualified trained gas engineers will be able to attend and fix the issue and find the gas supply issue.

Inspecting the boiler spark electrode is the only way to get ignition started and is the first operation the boiler needs to get your hot water and central heating working. Our Gas Boiler Repair Engineers will attend and check this for you.

Simply reset the Worcester Bosch EA227 Fault Code by turning off the electric power or removing the fuse from the fused spur switch supplying the boiler. Leaving it off for several seconds and then turning it back on again. This sometimes may be enough to remove the EA227 Worcester Bosch Fault Code.

If the fault code EA227 persists?

It would be best to call and arrange a good time for you to allow one of our gas-qualified and insured boiler repairHow to Fix Worcester EA 227 Fault Code engineers access and work on the boiler to test the gas supply as well as the electric parts needed to get the error code removed and your boiler back up and running.

  • All our engineers are fully insured and qualified and CRB checked.
  • We attend with our gas-safe I.D. card and no call-out fee.

If you’re facing boiler issues such as No Hot Water and No Central Heating a leaking boiler or EA227 fault code and any other issues. We are happy to help and don’t hesitate just ask we are a local family-run business and reflect realistic helpful advice.

We will soon provide a solution to get your boiler working again in good time, usually the next day if parts are needed.

  • Let our Worcester Bosch Gas Boiler Repair Engineer attend to help you on 07856297070 
  • No Call Out Fee
  • Same Day Repairs
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