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Worcester Boiler is Leaking Water: What Should I Do?

If you notice your Worcester boiler leaking water, it’s a good idea to get it fixed by our gas safe qualified and trained experienced Response Worcester Boiler Repair Engineer right away. Response Boiler Repairs.

This helps prevent further damage to your boiler and home. There’s a high risk that the leaking water could affect the Computer PCB-sensitive parts of your boiler or others around the leak, best to call us and we will send an engineer to assist you at the next available time slot. In this article, we’ll break down what steps to take and explore the likely reasons behind the leak.

Worcester boiler leaking

What do I need to do if I discover a leak from my boiler?

If you discover water leaking from your Worcester boiler, start by turning off your mains water supply, usually found on the ground floor at the back of a cupboard. The leak might be from different areas, but it’s often from inside your boiler.

After turning off the water supply, reach out to our Worcester Repair Gas Safe engineer to inspect your boiler. They can identify the cause of the leak and recommend necessary repairs.

Avoid trying to fix the leak yourself or removing any boiler components, unless it’s an obvious loose nut. DIY attempts may cause more damage and lead to increased danger or higher repair costs in the long run. Remember, your boiler needs an annual service by our Gas Safe Engineer, and tampering may affect its compliance during checks. So don’t hesitate to call us: 07856 29 70 70

What could be causing the leak?

Your Worcester boiler might be leaking water for various reasons. In modern models, a front screen displays error codes, facilitating faster problem diagnosis. If you have an older system without a screen, traditional troubleshooting is necessary. Common causes of water leakage in your Worcester boiler include:

  1. Corroded Pipes:

The pipes leading into the boiler, typically made of copper, can corrode over time, leading to water leakage. This is more likely with many years of boiler installation.

  1. Internal Component Corrosion:

In boilers over ten years old, corrosion in internal components becomes a probable cause of leaks. Our qualified Gas Safe engineer can identify and address this issue.

  1. Loose Nut or Washer:

Check for loose nuts or washers in the pipes feeding into your boiler system. Tightening with a spanner might resolve the problem.

  1. Heat Exchanger Issues:

An issue with the heat exchanger could be causing the leak. While our engineer can identify this, it often involves a costly diagnosis. Some opt to replace the entire boiler due to the expense of replacing the heat exchanger.

  1. Pressure Gauge Irregularities:

Monitor the pressure gauge on your boiler’s front panel. Ideally, it should read at number 1 If it’s higher, the boiler might be leaking to remove excess water and lower pressure. ‘Bleeding’ excess water can be done by yourself if you’re familiar with the process, but it’s advisable to let us handle it.

What’s the next step?

if you’ve found your Worcester boiler leaking? In the short term, pinpoint the source of the leak and position an appropriately sized bowl, preferably on top of a towel, underneath to catch the water.

This will keep the area dry until our Worcester-experienced boiler engineer arrives.

If your boiler is currently leaking, We are happy to help and assist you, your friendly local Liverpool boiler repair team.


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